Video Gallery

31/01/2021 – The Steadfast Life! 

24/01/2021 – Dath is not the end! 

17/01/2021 – Together in Fasting! 

Throwback Sunday – My times are in Your hand! 

Do you know Him?

God with us in the unimportant 

God with us in the unlikely 

God with us in the unexpected 

God with us in the unfulfilled 

Freedom in His Name

Identity in His Name

Will you follow Jesus?

Boldness in His Name

Healing in His Name

No Other Name

The One

The new normal – 4 – The church after Pentecost

The new normal – 3 – Peter after Pentecost 

The new normal – 2 – Spirit Filled

The new normal – Together again! – 20 years aniversary.

Do you hear the sound?

Trapped in the past.

Together in transition

Leaving behind the familiar. 

The secrets of the Kingdom.

What God does?

Who God is?

The importance of the secret.

What Really Matters

Letting our Father handle it.

The Power of Christ

Where is your treasure?

Citizens or Servants

Baptism of the Body

Come Forth

Breath of Power

Do you Hear the Sound?

Looking at Jesus!

Awakening from Complacency!

Unlocking the Mystery!

My times are in Your hands!

Worry vs Trust

The safest Place

Good Friday Service

From the Distance

While we wait

Peace in the midst of Panic

Praise your way to Victory!